Mountain Goat and Life With A Baby

Hey there everyone!

Life with a baby is slightly different then how I imagined! The first few weeks, getting the little munchkin to sleep during the day was SIMPLE, so I assumed it would always be that way…..not so much. The last few weeks getting Marlo to sleep for any length of time during the day has been near impossible! Although, I have been trying to use the method of no sleep aids to get him to fall asleep so we don’t have any bad habits to break down the line. Well, that idea has gone out the window! At night I nurse the little man back to sleep when ever he wakes up and during the day the carseat is our best tool, however, even in the car seat he doesn’t sleep long unless it is in constant motion. so I am busy doing what I can in between rocking the car seat! I’ve got some excitement going on around these parts, this summer, I am putting in an application to attend the Sioux Narrows Art Festival! If all goes as planned. I need to get product created and photos taken and an application finished in the next month. I want to create some new things to have at the show. This art festival is a juried one, and it gets around 2500 visitors from all over the place, which is amazing for such a small town in Northern Ontario. I am super excited so hopefully Mountain Goat will be in attendance! The Festival is the first weekend in August and I’ve got a lot to do in the meantime!

_MG_9235 _MG_9236 _MG_9237This is what I am working on at the moment and what my house looks like! Receiving blankets and felt everywhere! I am trying hard to stay in the moment and enjoy this phase of Marlo’s life, it is definitely difficult. Most of my days are spent just trying to get him to have a nap and doing what I can of eating, cleaning or something fun in those short periods.

While I have been writing this blog post, finding time to eat and craft, I was given a tip to use a vacuum sound on the white noise app. So the last two naps I have been using it. The first time he slept for an hour, woke up wanted to eat but then was falling asleep nursing. So I fed Marlo he had some tummy time a diaper change, swaddled him up and now he is back up in the nursery sleeping, I assume. This time around I added a ticking clock and a fan. He is making a bit of noise, but we will keep trying! Wish me luck!



We Had a Baby and He’s already 1 Month Old!


Hey there everyone!

I have been trying so hard to get on here and do a blog post, but every time I get time to get onto an actual computer, after taking care of baby, chores, doing some physical activity, some crafting the blog kind of ends up at the bottom of the list! Its incredible how fast a couple of hours goes by between feedings!

I wanted to pop in and show off our little man! Marlo Kam Yeung! He was born on Sunday January 11 at 5:47 in the morning, weighing in at 7lb 4oz! The labour and birth were quite possibly the most incredible and most challenging experience of my entire life and was SO worth it!

The first month so far has been interesting and exhausting, but every day I am so amazed at how much he grows and left killing myself laughing or in tears with how absolutely adorable and funny this little person is! The first photo is from just a couple days ago and the rest are from when he was a week old – ish.



marlo7 marlo6 marlo5From week 2.5 to current has been on and off challenging and difficult. We have gone through growth spurts and cluster feeding, to now fighting sleep and a few overtired breakdowns. I know it will change and at some point I will be missing this age, so I am trying to just go with the flow and accept what is!

Thanks for reading!



(Mostly) Finished Nursery and 39weeks 3days


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Happy 2015!

I know….last post was when I was at 24 weeks pregnant! I totally meant to continue posting regularly, but between work and just being plain ole exhausted in general blogging was the last thing on my mind….along with being creative, definitely wasn’t a priority. I felt like the last half of the pregnancy has strictly been work, eat, sleep, prep for baby. I tried to do what I could. Our freezer is packed full of freezer meals and ready to go (homemade) food for when baby comes and the nursery is pretty much ready! However, I still need to create some more art work or something for the walls! We are planning on a home birth, however both Steve and I are very open to going with the flow, so what ever needs to happen can happen! So all the home birth supplies are ready to go the birth pool is filled with air although there seems to be a hole on the bottom that we can’t find, but it won’t affect our ability to use the pool if we choose to do so!

Since being off work, and Christmas come and gone, I have been trying to focus on being creative and enjoying my childless time while I still have it. Of course, I am so excited for the baby to come and I plan to continue to be as creative as possible once baby is here.

I “fixed” my sewing machine!!! I wanted to make curtains for the baby room and was so frustrated with my sewing machines, I wanted to throw them both out the front door! So one day, I had nothing to do and no sewing projects planned or needed so I thought ” This would be a great time to sit down, calmly, no pressure, completely clean out the sewing machines and try to figure out what was going on!” Thats what I did…long story short, through a little more frustration and getting ready to bring my machine to the shop on Monday, I decided to “google” “sewing machine skipping stitches”. This is something I should have done a LONG LONG time ago! Needles…thats it, all my machine needed was a new needle, and a universal one at that! I had no idea, that needles only last 6-8 hours. I also had no idea that there was a variety of different needles for different material! I definitely have a lot to learn about sewing! My machine works like a silent, beautiful little dream now and I am a happy camper!

Here are some photos of the (mostly) finished nursery! My mom painted the “Psychedelic Moose” I love how it makes my mobile stand out and I love all the colours with the black chalkboard wall!



nurseryfin2nurseryfin5nurseryfin7nurseryfin6nurseryfin8outfitThats the nursery so far! I love it! I didn’t want anything to “BABY” themed or childish. I wanted the room to be modern, neutral and bright and happy! We still need to figure out a little something for shelving, and order a rug, but I am not in a rush for any of those yet considering the baby really won’t be using the room for much of the beginning anyways! I would like to try to add another plant in there at some point, maybe some succulents seeing as if I forget to water them , they will survive! I love how the little bit of green from plant makes the room feel so much more fresh!

The last photo is baby’s dress up outfit for a wedding we are going to in February! Im so excited!

Here is a link if you want to check out my first nursery post!

Flying IKEA Tools – Nursery Progress


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Hey Everyone!

First of all, I absolutely CAN’T believe that I am 24 weeks pregnant!

The other day, I decided to build the crib that my parents bought for us, I needed to do something constructive to get my creative juices flowing. I am super excited about getting to design the nursery! I am really not into colour themes, character themes, animal themes or anything  like that. I really want the nursery to be somewhat neutral and modern, functional but still fun! I want it to be a space that is relaxing for baby and for me and Steve.

I haven’t really thought and planned too much of the nursery until a couple days ago. I have an area rug picked out on IKEA that I really like, that I will use to draw colours from, and I know I want to do a chalkboard wall as I know it will be tons of fun for baby boy when he is older! I don’t particularly want gender specific colours. For instance, the rug I want is cream colour with blue, yellow, orange, brown and pink geometric shapes on it. The room will not be all blue, in fact, I think it will have very little blue.

I want to make my own mobile for the crib, and also do some funky art for the room. Something that is aesthetically pleasing for everyone but also fun for kids.

I still have quite a list to tackle with designing the nursery and only 3(functional) months left to go!

here’s my to do list!

1. paint chalk board wall

2. make curtains/hang curtain rod

3. Find and buy shelving for clothing/toys/books

4. Find and buy baskets for change table

5. Make mobile

6. Make, frame, hang art

not too bad of a list….doable.

I took some photos to share with you of the current state of the nursery and also some bamboo drawings I have done of options for shelving in the room.




My plan is to continue to update on progress of the nursery and eventually do a before and after comparison!!

nursery4This is the first option for the nursery to have a little cluster of shelving in the corner. I still need to do measurements and see what actually fits in this space. I’d like to get the shelving from IKEA with the bins that pull out so we can use them for clothing and stuff now, and toys later on!

nursery5The second option is to have a big shelving unit of the cube shelving that you can put the 1’x1′ baskets and bins in and have books, clothing, toys etc. The thing I like least about this option is that it blocks a lot of the chalk board wall! I also considered putting similar shelving on the opposite side of the crib.

These are just basic ideas so far. I do like both of them, and I have more space on the other side of the room for a bit more shelving. I think for the next little while I am going to be researching pinterest, etc to see what other affordable shelving options are out there!

Let me know what you all think, or if you have any ideas! I’d love to hear about them!!!

Over A Year!

WOW! I just realized that it has been more than a year since I last posted here on my blog………The format of the blogging site isn’t even anywhere near the same as it was the last time I posted. Well, let me tell you things are about to change….

….I would like to announce that as of today I am 20 weeks pregnant!!!!!!! Its an entirely new chapter of my life and I think, never a better time to get back into blogging! I want to be able to first of all, look back on my blogs as a kind of journal of my  pregnancy and my life and second, I really really missed blogging. I realize that for me, blogging was almost a little check point for everything I did in my life. Every day I would check in and write about something different and it kept me on task and continually being creative in cooking art, craft and every day life. It gives me a goal to work towards and something to look back on! 

My plan is to sort of start all over.  I am going to keep the Mountain Goat name, and keep the blog set up as is for now, however, due to the circumstances, content may vary a little from what it was. I would like to have posts dedicated to my pregnancy experience, symptoms, growing, labour and birthing. Also, I would like to have posts on what I will be doing in order to prepare for life with an extra little person in our lives. So, a lot of batch cooking so we have freezer meals, etc. Along with the new stuff. I want to try to continue with the crafty posts, maybe the outfit posts although finding clothing right now is EXTREMELY difficult. (lots of stretchy pants). I definitely plan on keeping up with the “What I Love Today Posts” as I think it is very important to be constantly reminding ourselves what we are grateful for. I plan on making some things for the little one and I would like to have posts about handmade things, and nursery development as I am very excited for that! 

My goal with starting over with blogging is to get crafty again, take more photos with my DSLR, cook more, write more, draw more, share more and journal more!

I am very excited to start this all over again and I apologize a million times to all of those that started following me only for me to drop out on you! I truly appreciated the support and I love that I might have a little something to share/inspire!

I don’t have any pictures to post at the moment, but I plan on doing a “pregnancy update” post in the next day or two with photos and other good stuff!!!





Hopping on the Chia bandwagon! – Chia Pudding Recipe


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Good day all!

Yes, I have been MIA for a while. Work got kinda crazy, I got lazy and have been doing the usual winter hibernation where I do absolutely nothing creative! Anyhow, I am back with a chia recipe for you!

I have been playing with chia seeds for a little bit now, put them in smoothies, yogurt, etc. Before you start eating chia if you have any blood pressure issues, heart issues or are pregnant I would look into it before you start eating it.

some of the benefits of chia is that it regulates blood glucose levels, lowers blood pressure and is ridiculously high in fibre so go easy on the chia when you first start eating it. I would say this recipe is not good for beginner chia eaters! If you want to start eating Chia. Start with a table spoon or so once a day and slowly increase it to as much as you want… may or may not be running to the bathroom.- just a warning.

As a moderate chia eater – 3-4 tbsp/ day this chia pudding recipe is a good one!


Chia Pudding

yield: 4-6 servings 

1/4 organic chia seeds

2 cups any milk (I used vanilla almond)

4 HEAPING tbsp Liberte Coconut yogurt

1 tsp vanilla extract

Put this in a large mason jar or container and shake it up realllllly good

put it in the fridge overnight shake it up in the morning and you will have some delish chia pudding!

I had a really hard time with the texture at the beginning.

This recipe above, if you follow it correctly you will end up with more of a tapioca like texture….not a big container or thick gelatinous goo.

HOWEVER, if you want it thicker, you can add more chia and just let it sit a while longer…or thinner add more yogurt or milk! EASY!

for added crunch you can add chopped nuts, granola, cacao nibs(my fav) dried fruit…get creative!

I used the yogurt because it is sweetened so it adds just a little bit of sweet to the recipe, not a lot.

Give it a shot, I hope you enjoy! I do!

xoxox ASH

Sketchbook Diaries 1


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Hey there everyone!

Its been awhile again, I know, I have been working away at my day job, playing in a concert band and trying to pump myself up for attaining my artsy and crafty life goals. 

This morning, I was about to start drawing on the computer when I thought “Hey, I am going to go through some old sketchbooks and see if there is an image that I like that I can transfer to the computer!” Well, I came across a lot more then I ever planned. I just spend the morning going through sketchbooks from all the way back from 2004 when I was in grade 11/12 and really couldn’t draw at all. I never thought that I was progressing as an artists, and the words I wrote along with my drawings convey a lot of depression, and lack of confidence in what I did. Over and over I wrote the same things, ” I don’t know what I am doing with my life” “I need to draw more”  “I need to get better”. Very little positivity. Sometimes, I think we can be depressed, show otherwise in front of other people and even fool ourselves…..Until we open the time capsule of sketchbooks and journals. 

My whole life through school I was teased (this is not unusual for most people I am not “victimizing” here) My coping mechanism for this was to do as other do. Dress like them, draw like them, do activities like them. It was all away to hide, blend in. Going through my sketchbooks I am learning that I am good at what I do and better even when I do what my heart and mind are telling me to do. Not what the trend is or what other people are doing. I am learning to just be me. 

Without further ado, here is a little compilation of MY sketchbook drawings, things from past years that I did because of me, not because of anyone else! 


What I Love Today


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WILT buttonHey there everyone! Just wanted to mention that you will be seeing some changes around here at Mountain Goat. I will be redesigning some of the graphics on my blog and coming up with some new products so stay tuned!

Also, I would like to come up with some new features, or post ideas for your reading enjoyment! Let me know if there is anything that would interest you to read about on Mountain Goat!

It has been quite a few months since I have done a What I Love Today post, so without further ado here it is!


eggs and avocados (they were made for each other)

Macarons! (cooking adventure coming soon!)


Happy People


Hope you all have a great weekend. It is family time/Christmas #2 at our place this weekend!


The Burger’s Priest


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For lunch today, Steve and I walked to one of the business areas on Younge Street to this burger joint called, The Burger’s Priest. It’s a tiny little restaurant that sells just burgers. They make great burgers and there is a secret menu if you go onto their website (shhh). If you are looking for fast food that tastes good, this is the spot!

PB2BP3BP4BP5BP6BP8BP9Steve got the “Priest” which is a burger patty with a fried, stuffed portobello mushroom! I just got a bun less burger, it was delicious!

If you are in Toronto and in the mood for a burger, but don’t care to sit down for a long time then this is the stop!