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Good Morning and Welcome to Mountain Goat!!!!

I am so excited for today and have been trying to get this all up and running for quite a long time!!! Bear with me, because there is still missing content and links that don’t work, however, that will all be fixed with time and lots of posts!!

I can’t wait to get this ball rolling, only I am so overwhelmed with ideas and other great stuff I have no idea where to even begin!!! I think today will be a simple day, I’ll tell you all about the giveaway, post a few photos and send you on over to take a look at my new online store!!!

first thing is first! Thanks for coming by and I wanted to offer a little gift for coming to support me in my new mountain-y goat-y adventures!

I am going to give away one of my favoritest things of all time!!! I made these brooches and I just want to wear them all the time! They are made out of 100% wool felt and completely handmade right down to the stamp that made the mountain. I have 5 different designs and this one I think is appropriate for such a sunshiny day, happy, exciting, new! WOO!

Celebration Sunshine Mountain Giveaway! 

Here’s how to Enter!

 1. Subscribe to Mountain Goat Blog!


If you would like a SECOND entry into the draw………..

2. Leave a comment under this post and let me know what you think, what you’d like to see, or just say hi!

This draw will open at 8:00am Saturday 28th and close at 12:00am Sunday 29th

because I am old school. I will write names on papers, stick ’em in a toque and draw a winner! The winner will be announced Monday Morning at 8:00am!


Here are a few little snapshots I have been playing around with. I have found a TON of photo editing apps for iPhone and I love, love, love them!!!!!

These were a few shots that were later posted on Instagram. It is great for quickly editing photos. I especially love checking out what everyone else is doing to their camera photos. It is utterly amazing the technology we have available now!!!!

I’d like to provide you with a link to my Goodsie store before I forget all about it!

Right now, I only have the brooches for sale. I am working on some wall hangings, dolls and other things right now. With prospecting and all I don’t want to bite off more then I can chew…So, products are limited right now, however, come fall, or if I have a decent amount of time in between jobs then there will be a lot more products available!

So here it is!


Thank you all so much for taking the time to show your support, check things out. All weekend I am going to be posting little things here and there. We are off to the Farmers   Market for coffee and something delicious to eat!

Have a marvellous, awesome Saturday!!!

xoxo ASH