Good day, Good Day!


Today’s post, me thinks, shall be like a little bit of a diary/journal entry. I’m not entirely sure where to begin or what to talk about. There is just so much! What I have arranged for the blog thus far, how I am feeling about my writing skills, what I want to make!!! Ahhh. ok.

before we get to deep into anything, here’s a little snippet of what I have been working on lately!

I have been really loving typography, writing and words lately (if you can’t tell) I am not the greatest at writing neatly and I also have very little patience, so it is a great exercise in practicing patience and a steady hand. I have a little ways to go yet, but playing around, making mistakes and being not very good at something is always fun.

 I s’pose I’ll begin with what I have arranged as far as ” Scheduled” blog posts go. I am going to try my very hardest to get on task and on schedule NO-MATTER-WHAT!!!!! so here we go. Mondays are going to be posts about crafts, and updates on what I am up to what I have done (craft wise) over the weekend, throughout the week, etc. Tuesdays….wait for it…I am going to get all cliche on you, is going to be all about TUTORIALS and DIYs! TUTORIAL TUESDAYS!!!! Woooo. This is where I provide cool things for you to do. Easy, a little difficult, but hopefully, mostly with stuff you have at home already or stuff that is easily accessible. So far I am thinking about a “stamp” making guide, embroidery, crochet…..ooooooooooo ya! Wednesdays and Thursday will be left alone. Either there will be posts about prospecting, the bush, stories, or very random things, maybe some outfit posts….Unsure yet. I thought I’d leave those two days to decide for themselves what they want to be. Finally Fridays are going to be just for “What I Love Today” posts, give you a little inspiration for the weekend!

This scheduling will come into effect next week! So watch for more crafty updates on Monday and a tutorial on Tuesday!!!!!!!!!

that’s that!

I have been having a lot of fun with instgram lately as you can see in the above picture and will see in the the following pictures! Also, until I started working in the bush for the season I was having a ton of fun playing around with fashion and style and so on. Now that I am in the bush my preening schedule consists of, wake up, throw on Carharts, mens button up shirt, vest, hand lens, baseball cap, hikers, out the door. Then after work, come home, shower, put on comfy clothes…..wooo CRE-A-TIVE!!!! lemme tell ya!

So here is the off season fashionista!

So far, all my photos have been taken with my iPhone, in the mirror, mostly. I am slightly afraid and self conscious about using a better camera and posing etc. It will happen.

As far as style for me goes, I really like layers, and being different. Maybe not even necessarily wearing things that match. Just having fun with it and letting my personality shine on through!

I hope you all are having a great week!

Be back Friday with What I Love Today!

xoxo Ash