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Happy Monday every one!

I was supposed to be out in the bush today but work was cancelled so I will be crafting and such ALL day!

This weekend was pretty uneventful, in the way of being a craft goddess but we didn’t just sit around. We went to the farmers market with my mother Saturday morning and to see the Avengers movie Saturday night. Basically, I got laundry finished and on the line and dinner on the table………..C’est Tout!

Also, I finally got around to planting some Jade and Shrek ear succulent cuttings I had sitting on the edge of a pot growing some little roots.

I have no idea what this plant is called but I think they look like Shrek’s ears! My brother had opened a window in the winter and my poor succulent was in the window and he didn’t think to move it….it didn’t like that very much. So while it was in the process of dying (It didn’t end up dying, YAY!) I pulled off a few healthy “ears” and laid them on the edge of the pot this is the same way you would start a new Jade plant. You gently pull off a healthy leaf and lay it on the edge of the pot so the bottom, where it was attached to the plant, is just resting on the soil. They started growing roots so now I will have a house full of Shrek ears!

This is the Shrek ear succulent! You can see the “ears” laying on the edge. This is how you will get new plants, Jade is done the exact same way!

And this is the Jade. You can see the little guys popping up. I am VERY excited!

For dinner Steve made Pork Satay and I made a chopped salad and some congee to go along with it!

Congee with salted duck egg

Pork Satay with peanut sauce and a chopped salad with cilantro and lime.

It was all so delicious, normally I hate pork, except bacon of course. But this pork satay is one of my favourites!

It was a very relaxing weekend all in all! I am currently working on a tutorial for Tuesday so check back tomorrow!

How was your weekend? Did you do anything new? exciting?

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xoxo ASH