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Hey All!

I wanted to show you what I have been up to all week! I now have a sore back and a sunburn as a result of my work, but I couldn’t be happier with everything I have done!

I have a new product which I am just going to tease you with right now. I have been making some little notebooks. Those you will have to wait to see. They are not quite finished yet. However, I will tell you that they are adorable, made with vintage newsprint and recycled materials! Wait and see!

So, onto the garden. To start off this week, I gathered up all the scrap from around the yard and cleaned out the garden bed behind the shed! There was over a foot of trees, grass cuttings, old hops vines and other fun stuff all piled in. I am hoping that all of that rotting material helped make the soil under there AWESOME! We’ll see, I am not planting it tell next year, but I wanted to get it all cleared out and mulched up and ready to go anyhow. Sadly, I didn’t take a before photo BUT, I did take an After! here is it!

The shed is a little skid looking from the outside! Im going to have to add some artsy love to it and make it look a little more attractive!

This is the new garden plot. It’s right along side the deck. I made it about 10x15ft and Id like to make it bigger, I’ll see what it produces this year, then decide next year what to do! I have to fill some of this back in because when I dug it out, I wasn’t thinking about Steve getting the lawn mower around it to mow the grass behind! Oops, silly me. I get caught up, what can I say!

This my friends, this is what happens when you are not too lazy to did a huge garden plot, but FAR to lazy to put on sunscreen! UGH! I put some cold wet face cloths and aloe on as soon as I discovered this mess, it helped a lot. I can say it looks like the worst sunburn I have ever had, But definitely does not feel like it! PHEW!

I love these boots, I like the photo too. These boots are great. BUT SO NOT COOL! they chafe the skin on your shins…Booo, but they are great!

I got some lettuce, peppers, zucchinis and herbs started!

sage, thyme and mint so far!

Of course I need something funky to mark where I plant things, so…..I made these. Found here!

 Also, our deck and yard still doesn’t feel like “us” and this is pretty girly for Steve but I don’t think he minds! I had seen these flag garlands. I got the idea from one of my favourite blogs A Beautiful Mess. Very inspiring and These gals have lots of style and great ideas!

I am not Buddhist or anything, however, I have always loved the idea of prayer flags! There are always prayers going out! and they are pretty and add some colour, until they fade like these! Still Beautiful though!

Lastly, we have three moose antlers Steve found in the bush! Right now, they are sitting above the seating on our deck. I can not, for the life of me, figure out what to do with them. They can’t be down low because our darling pooch LOVES them! Also, I kind of sort of want to put them inside, BUT, I don’t know!!!! any suggestions are very welcome!

So this is a little glimpse as to what I have been up to all week! Our yard is starting to look like ours. We will have fresh veggies in the fall! I am very excited!

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend! What are your plans for this gorgeous weekend?

xoxo ASH