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Hey Everyone!

Sorry about the lack of ” What I Love Today” on Friday! We had to head to Dryden to look at some trees as part of Steve being a forester and all, then were off to Atikokan, then To Rainy River for my grandmothers funeral. So it was quite the road trip of a weekend! Minus the fact that the whole trip was inspired because of a funeral, the weekend was a decent one and the whole thing was a well needed kick in the butt!

I decided to bring a “few” items into the Atikokan Quetico trading post! So if you happen to be in Atikokan, go and check out my rock rock babies/Sherpa’s ( Little monster dolls) and brooches. I worked my BUTT off thursday and friday making a total of 7 dolls, and 20 brooches and tags for both items! I can not believe I managed to do all of that in two days, plus manage to keep my craft room relatively tidy which I am so thankful I did! Sitting here looking around I am thinking I would definitely not be nearly as inspired today had I had an entire studio to clean!

I created a little travelling brooch box I can fit all of the tools i need to make a ton of brooches on the go ( IF they are prepped at home.)

 There wasn’t really much creating involved…really I just threw everything into this box and hit the road. However, now I plan on lining the box with some funky paper to add a little inspiration! You can see the in the photo the tags I made to adorn the brooches. Each tag has the name of the brooch on it!

Today, I am trying to heal, allergies/illness are hitting me hard this weekend also. However, I am feeling SO inspired right now. I will have an EXTRA “What I Love Today” post for you this week and perhaps even a tutorial finally. I found after an attempt at the first tutorial that it is a lot of work for me with everything else going on. However, stay tuned I will get the tutorials going sooner or later!

 I plan on working hard this week, getting a lot done, having a lot of photos and interesting things to show you all! I hope your May long was an awesome one! If you are in Northern Ontario I hope you hauled in the walleyes and enjoyed a good ole’ fish fry!

xoxox ASH