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Good Day Good Day!

Well, I made it out this morning for a 10km jog/walk. It was more jogging then walking and I feel marvellous! My dear friend K and I went out on our adventure with her awesome daughter S! After our run we went to the playground to have some fun in the park! K and I worked out, pushups, lunges, mountain climbers while S yelled from the swings “PUSH, AUNTY ASHLEY, PUSH!” so every 20 reps either of us would run over and give S the biggest under duck to keep her satisfied. However, after one swing back and forth she would be yelling ” UNERDUCK, AUNTY ASHLEY, UNERDUCK!”  It was a lot of fun and it set up my day nicely!

Onto a little inspiration for today! You get an extra dose this week because of my lack of consistency last week! BOOO!

Lately I have been really loving simple!

What I Love Today!

Thunder storms that rattle the windows

early morning sunrise

attempting to achieve some sort of “routine”

PB and celery

retro containers

old, worn chairs

Old “crafty” machines

rustic wood tables

There it is folks!

I hope I have provided at least a teeny dash of inspiration today!

The regular “What I Love Today” post will be up on Friday as usual!

xoxo ASH