Good after noon on what is finally a sunny day in Thunder Bay!

Man alive, I was sure starting to feel the blues coming on with all the rain. Too bad we got it all, over in North Eastern Ontario they are having some pretty wicked forest fires. I hope and pray that all that get under control and every one can go back home! I have been busy this week getting a move on my finger puppets and trying to get somewhat of an inventory so when there is a market I AM READY!

I just found out that TWO people “favorited” my one and only item on Etsy! That is zoo exciting! WOW, what a great little burst of motivation to keep me going! Not to mention everyone that reads my blog, supports me on Facebook, twitter and instagram! Thank you SOOO SOO much, I am truly so grateful for all of the support that has been shown to me and my little journey!

Well, onto some weekend inspiration, hey?

What I Love Today


smoodies (smoothies)

running in the rain (also, dancing in the rain)

hand woven table runners

Scandinavian cross stitching/embroidery

hand made gifts from friends

waking up with the sun

a wall full of inspiring things, lists, swatches and colours

As always I hope that you maybe receive even just an ounce of inspiration from some of the things I love and am inspired by! What sort of things inspire you? Leave a comment. I’d love to hear what neat, odd, interesting, happy, sad, weird things inspire you!

I hope you all have a sunny, fantastic weekend!! As always, Steve and I are off to the Farmers market tomorrow for our weekly dose of great coffee, inspiration, fun and music and maybe if its sunny and dry a picnic on Sunday!

xoxox ASH