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Hey guys!

Just a little update today.

I have been SUPER busy! I have been having the most inspiring, motivated, hard core past couple weeks ever. The only thing I haven’t really gotten around to doing is some photography for the blog/etsy. Its jut do darn rainy right now.

I recently got back on the exercise wagon, however I am doing things a little differently now and wow, has it every made a difference in me!

I am waking up extra early, going for a run, coming back, doing a workout video then I get my day going! All I can say is, its everything I have ever needed. I am one of those people who will lay in bed forever, then take 2 hours to wake up. Before, I wasn’t getting going in the studio until about 11 or 12. NOW, I am ready, my brain is racing and I am in the studio at 10!!!! HOW ABOUT THAT… I am going to work on getting up earlier so I can be in the studio by 9am! I chose this time for my exercise of the day because if I wait till later, I won’t do it, or I’ll just go for a little walk and because it adds some routine, which I don’t have much of!

Not only is this new workout schedule amazing for waking me up, its also amazing for my brain. I am more motivated and have more ideas! WOO! I feel like I can take on the world, EVERY DAY!

I have been working hard over here, making some finger puppets and planning my grand ETSY LAUNCH PARTY. I am so excited! I have some really exciting things planned and I can’t wait to tell you all about them. I will let you in on one little thing….There, of course, will be another giveaway! You can not have a launch party without a giveaway and it is a great way for me to show you all how much I appreciate your support! I still haven’t figured out all of the details yet, but I will let you know the moment I figure it all out!

So I wanted to give you a little peek, well, its a lot more than a peek, but something I have been working on. Please please, let me know in the comment section what you think!!!

CUTE LITTLE NOTEBOOKS! Hand bound, simple, 20 pages of delightful, vintage newsprint(really!). Made with recycled cardboard!!

These little beauties are great! They are so fast, easy to make! I don’t have the exact dimensions but this is one of the many products you can look forward to seeing! I have a few different sizes, different paper patterns, different stamps/typography on the cover…or a blank cover so you can design your own!

What do you think?

Here’s a little of what when down this past week and weekend!

1) Self photography

(it takes a lot of photos to get past feeling like a vain, idiot! HOWEVER, all in the name of business!)

2) What my couch looks like when I am mass quantity embroidering!

3) Blues night at the Apollo!

4) two families of geese on my run around Marina Park

Well, I hope you all stay dry in this flooded, emergency stricken town, I’m on the North end so we are fairly dry but if you are one of the many in the South side or stuck in between my prayers go out to you and I wish you the best. Hopefully this rain lets up soon! I’ll be praying it makes its way over to Eastern Ontario to help with the fires!

Have a great Monday every one!

xoxox ASH