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Here I sit in front of my computer on a sunny Saturday afternoon! I am back from work finally. My plan was to continue posting on the blog while I was away at work. We did have internet access, HOWEVER, it was only available in the lodge where the creepy, pervy owner was…..I exaggerate a little bit. He wasn’t THAT bad but to avoid him was highly necessary. That is my excuse for not writing or posting. I am a little disappointed in myself that I didn’t just suck it up seeing as I put so much effort in at the very beginning. However, I knew this would happen, life goes on and you only fail when you stop trying right!? So, I will be back at the blogging and business-y stuff until the phone rings again! Then you probabaly won’t see me for a little while and then I will be back again!

For now I am just going to post a few pictures… I have some crafty plans for this weekend, and Ill give you all an update post on Monday!

One of the things we got done at work. We hauled 300 core boxes across the lake. 4 16′ boat loads!

Here’s me writing up a sample!

I had the amazing opportunity of being home between jobs when my peonies were blooming! They are so beautiful!

Don’t worry this little feller is dried up. Must have been sun tanning to long! The crayfish here are HUGE~!!

I went on a wild goose chase when I got home!

On Tuesday we went to the gorgeous Grand Marais in the US! I finally got my passport so now I am free!!!!!! I love GM I think there is a lot to be learned from that little town!

The days Steve went to work I spent my time doing this! I moved out bedroom around so now when we are laying in bed, sipping our coffee we can peek out at the Sleeping Giant!

Thats all for now folks!

Have a great weekend