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I made a “To Do” list yesterday all in an attempt to practice doing what I say I’m going to do. See, I am a funny kind of list maker. I make a lot of lists, however, I always fail at completing them. I know, The list is always full, but the problem here is that I can never get even one or two things crossed off. I am a project starter….rarely a project finisher and I am trying to work on that!

So back to making my yesterday’s to do list. Well, I am very proud to say that even though I didn’t get the whole thing crossed off I did a VERY good job at following it all day and getting things done!

Here is my list

1+2) Hang Paintings and Photos

3+4)  Finish Abstract Painting

5)  Finish “A Friend’s home” Embroidery (I did work on it!)

Finish friend’s gift

6) Drink water


Product Photography

Make Finger puppets

bring product to the co-op

book a table for the mother’s market


7)  Test Smoke detectors

8)  get 2 9v batteries

So there we have it! I almost Half finished list which I am very proud to say is one of the first! Now, to only keep this up and keep being productive!


Queen of Procrastination  ASH