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This week has been a incredibly productive week. I feel like I am growing….up. Very slowly mind you. Every year I feel like I get a little better at being productive and motivating myself, a little more professional, a little more present.

One of the skills I am slowly learning as I grow up is photography. Even though I am most definitely NOT a photographer, I try. I take 200 pictures and 9 of them turn out really well, the rest, not so much. There is so much to know and so much to learn and a 6 week cadet camp on photography when I was 16 years old has long disappeared from the ole memory bank. On Tuesday, I did a little bit of a “self portrait” photo shoot to get some pictures of one of my brooches “in use”  and today I had my friend and her darling one and a half year old daughter Eden over for a Sherpa photo shoot.

Here is a little sneak peak of some of the photos we took today and one fun photo from my self portrait brooch shoot. The purpose of both photo shoots was to get some images to use on Etsy for my product listings and also to submit to markets, shows, etc. Sort of a product portfolio!

 Look at that face! What a little munchkin!

This was my first time trying to photograph an item while using a model. I had such a blast doing this photo shoot. I can’t say that it was easy because this girl went to every space possible in the house and was interested in EVERYTHING!!! It turned out great! Her mother Sarah(my good friend) was so amazing at helping keep Eden’s attention…….she was thinking of things that weren’t even near crossing my mind!!! I appreciated it so much, such a great experience. I got some more great photos that I will be able to use to my product images!

This one is a fun shot I did to try and lighten up and loosen up to take some images of my brooch while wearing it. I was trying to achieve the “Geek chic” look!