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Hey everyone! Fall is here! Can you believe it? I can’t either, summer has flown by, the deadlines I have set for myself are long gone………..NEVER fear you can set goals and change dates. I knew this shop thing was going to be a lot of work, so I just need to work on setting goals accordingly. However, my favourite season has arrived and I am more then inspired. My plan at the moment is to get my Etsy shop fully running by October 1st and have a little launch party/draw to go along with it and hopefully I will hear word back about my vendor application at the farmer’s market!!!   ! !!!


PUMPKIN SPICED LATES….or anything Pumpkin spice for that matter


vintage tea saucers

The Blogs of other amazing peeps

Cold nose and warm toes

crunchy leaves

and sarcastically, a dog that scratches on the door to come in, then runs away frantically when you go to let her in………..

I hope you all have a great weekend! I am off to the Farmer’s Market tomorrow morning with the love of my life!