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I have to say, so much for Etsy Launch on October 1st! MAN that came fast! I haven’t even really had a moment to work on anything Mountain Goat related. And now, as I was meaning to do a relatively quick blog post I was distracted by WordPress themes! AHK! This is what I have been up to!

1. Bridesmaid for my dear friend Sarah at her wedding. My “hubby” Steve beside me.

2. Went for a beautiful fall stroll while sick and working.

3. Front porch snapshot….can’t wait to fill those little boots!

4. Jade needs to go for long walks everyday

5. Went for coffee with dear dear friend Alisha (TWICE!)

6. Planning of making more of these “Man in the Moon” pillows

7. This week on the job. Rock sawing, Although I was only a bystander and rock chipper-outer

There it is friends, The last few weeks of my life summarized into instagram shots…yup, thats my life.

My plans for the very near future are many, as always. However, I am the worlds greatest procrastinator but this is a little bit of what I would like to be doing and probably should be doing.

First of all, I would like to blog A LOT more even if it is only a quick picture and a hello, update what ever. The key being blogging more….doesn’t need to be perfect. I am getting up the nerve to do some fashion posts, yes do them? I love fashion I need to suck it up and do it! Also, I REALLY need to get Etsy going. It has been a dream of mine for a long time and I NEED to bring it to fruition (or as I used to say “Fruit-tion”…YES!). It will happen folks believe you me! These are the two major things I really really want to do more of. Of course, these two “to do” items add up to a much larger list of “to do” items. However, I am thinking dreams and I need to make them come true NO MATTER WHAT!

Thanks everyone that comes to my blog and roots me on and likes my posts and all that good, supportive stuff that you all do. It keeps me going and keeps up my motivation to pursue my dreams and to try really hard to bring you other interesting good things. I promise you this will go further then just “What I Love Today” posts. They must be getting boring……….THANKS!

Keep an eye open for some fashions posts and other nifty things!