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Lately, I have been taking Outfit Of the Day photos and posting them on Intagram. Now, I remember a few years ago looking at other people’s “daily outfit” posts and thinking how much I loved that idea and what they were doing and that I’d never have to the guts to do that, especially because I come from Northern Ontario and a small town where judgement is everywhere and if you are dressed “nice” or “different” then you must be trying to out do everyone or you are “just trying to get attention” Oh yes, I have heard it all before, about everyone and am embarrassed to say that I have indulged a time or two in the “judging” of others. We all grow up and learn from our mistakes, yes?  I only realized my love of fashion a few years ago and only really discovered lately that I can rock any darn outfit that I so please!

One of the things I have always wanted to do is some outfit posts. Mostly because I loved seeing similar posts and was inspired and I wanted to equally share in the “inspiring of peeps” area! So folks, here it is! Hopefully the first of many!  Under Each Photo I will give the usual list of items and where they were obtained!

Ballet Beautiful

Shorts: Club Monaco

Tank: Old Navy

Necklace: (Long teal beads)Thrifted, (feather necklace) Ardene’s

Tights: JOE (Super Store)

Slippers: Thrifted

Fall Time = Over The Knee Sock Time

Skirt: Old Navy

Tank: Old Navy

Cardigan: JOE (Super Store)

Tights: JOE (Super Store)

Over the knee socks: American Apparel

Aligator Ring: Ardene’s

Electroplated leaf Necklace: Artist from North West Territories

Mocs: Thrifted (originally JOE)

Very Casual Saturday

Vintage Sears Blazer: Thrifted

Stanfield’s Wool long shirt: Mark’s Work Wearhouse

Leggings: Old Navy

Smart Wool Socks

Mocs: Thrifted (I think its time for a new pair….)

Scarf: Thrifted

Leather “girl scout purse” : Thrifted

Thrifty Gal

Pin Stripe blouse: thrifted (unknown brand)

mini plaid shorts: Thrifted (originally Forever 21)

Belt: Thrifted (Orignally vintage GAP)

polkadot Tights: JOE (Super Store)

White Loafers: Thrifted

Bronze Necklace: Thrifted

Green Machine

Blouse: JOE (Super Store)

Leather Motor Cycle Jacket: Thrifted

Grey peddle pusher pants: JOE (Super Store)

Shoes: KEDS

Vintage (DAY) 

This was the outfit I wore for my friend’s wedding rehearsal and the next is how I changed it up for the refreshment party after!

U back Tank dress: American Apparel

Vintager black with gold polkadots EATON skirt: Thrifted

Retro Tights: American Apparel

Brown Leather wedges: ALDO

Leather “Girl Scout” Purse: Thrifted

White cardigan: Thrifted (Jessica, Sears Brand)

Leather Motor Cycle Jacket: Thrifted

Teal blue Scarf: Thrifted

Vintage (NIGHT)

Here is what I wore in the evening, the things I changed to make it more “party appropriate” are the shoes, jacket and I lost the sweater and added a little black clutch.

Long Wool Jacket: Thrifted

Black leather Booties: JOE (Super Store)

Black Clutch: Ardene’s


This ones is just kind of a joke. Thought everyone might like to see what I look like when I go to my day job!

Meet Me at The Laces

Lace Tank: Bluenotes

Black pencil skirt with bow tie detail: THRIFTED!

Red Tights: JOE (Super Store)

Mocs: Thrifted (Originally JOE)