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Working at home even when my equipment drives me nuts

frosty mornings

closing all the curtains at night, just so I can open them all and welcome the day in the morning

the smell of the rad heaters when they come on for the first time of the season

plants, I love my house plants

cordless phones, ( don’t worry rotary phone I still really love you to) they are SO handy!

the silence in the house when The fridge and dehumidifier both shut off at the same time

I have been feeling very inspired and motivated the last few weeks! I am trying so hard to keep it going although it is not always easy.

My inspiration lately has really been directed towards the blog. I have  this new found drive to really make it the best that it is. I really find that writing the “What I Love Today” Posts are a great way to kind of centre myself and find a general focus, keep in the forefront of my mind what I am thankful for and inspired by. I am really loving doing them!

This week coming up beginning Saturday and Ending friday I am giving myself a little challenge. I really want to get better at taking photographs and take more “important” photos. So this week I am going to attempt to take photos of 15 things that REALLY inspire me, I will post the photos and captions with the “What I Love Today” post next friday! I would LOVE it if any bloggers, instagramers, tweeter,etc joined me on this little photo challenge. Just post your link  to your blog, twitter, or instagram or other social media site in the comment section of this post or hashtag #mountaingoat15 and on Friday I’ll check them all out!

Have a great weekend everyone and happy photo taking!