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Hey there everyone! I hope your weekend is going just marvellously! Mine is fantastic! This week has been a SUPER productive week for me which has resulted in a pretty wimpy “fashion week” in my world! I only managed to do 3 outfits this week, but I hope you enjoy them non-the-less! 
Ballerina (again) 

Skirt//lace, long sleeved jumper//thigh highs//tan belt: American Apparel

Tights: JOE (Super Store)

Shell,chain necklace: Thrift store find!

Bronze Beauty

White peddle pushers: JOE (Super Store)

Bronze Blouse: Old Navy

Teal scarf//wool jacket: Thrift store

Lace up boots: ALDO

The “Old Lady” Look

Skinny Jeans: Warehouse One

Peter pan colar blouse: $2 find at Thrift store!

Floral Flats: Zellers

Leather purse: My mom’s purse from when she was 16!

I am really having fun with these outfit posts! I love playing with my clothes and it is really providing a challenge to trying out new things. Usually I wear the same things over and over, week to week. This week has been mostly PJs or comfy clothes which is just fine for now, I am enjoying the comfort level. However, It gets depressing after a while!

The one fashion trend I am really loving right now is the peter pan collar! It is so different than a regular old collar and really adds a little added femininity! Also, I have seen a few beaded collar necklaces floating around blogland! LOVE IT!

I hope you all enjoy the rest of your weekend!