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Good day lovely people!

It has been pretty exciting around these parts lately. I have been working hard getting products ready for a market I will be attending next Saturday and we also had a very lovely house guest for a few days, I very good friend of mine! We had a great time, but mostly she watched me work away at finger puppets….

I am going to put up the photo challenge post tomorrow evening…. I have gone and done some photography at the beginning of this  week. However, with the crafting needed to get done and a visitor, the photography kinda got put on the back burner. So keep an eye out for that tomorrow!

Now, onto the order of the day!

What I Love Today!

Rainy days

craft stuff spread across the house

Bengal Spice tea

“The Loop” (A great clothing store in Thunder Bay)

Finishing projects

starting new projects

Handmade Christmas Ornaments (hint hint)

I hope the week has gone well for all of you folks and that some crafty time has been made to do the things you love to do!