Every single person is creative. It comes in many forms. Think about how creative and imaginative you were as a child, everything was amazing and magical. Any situation could and was turned into a wonderful adventure. I remember when I was a child the things I would come up with.Then,  remember saying “I’m Bored!”. Do you ever find yourself saying those same words now in that same whiney tone ” I’mm BoooOred!” As fast as the words could leave my lips my father would retort by saying something like “Go clean your room” and he would get the reply (in the same whiney tone) “But I don’t feel like it”. As I have grown I have learned to NEVER say “I’m bored” If I am bored I am not using my human-ness, the amazing life and talents I have been granted to the absolute fullest extent! I also find that I get bored and uninterested when I am not doing such reflective activities like writing in my journal and spending time reflecting within. Not so much meditation but really being honest with myself and asking the most despised questions. You know, the ones that really make you think if you are doing the right thing, being a good human being, doing the things that nurture and heal you and make you a better person.

Why do we get that BORED feeling when there are plenty of worthy things to turn our attention to. When we get bored and watch t.v or eat, or lay in bed unnecessarily, and even just sit and stare at the wall. When we could be writing, playing music, cleaning the house, visiting friends, drawing, going for a walk, drinking tea and reflecting, singing, dancing, helping someone, creating something amazing, creating something new, or doing things to bring more joy to your life or someone else’s. Why waste your time, when you could be writing amazing blogs posts to inspire yourself and others, you go on Facebook or search things that don’t inspire you. Rather than waking up a little earlier to do a bit of writing or some yoga, you sleep in then feel like garbage, have to drink a pot of coffee to wake up while it takes you two hours, yes that is me. As I get older however, I am learning to move past these moments of “boredom” and “nothingness”  and am really figuring out how to tap into and maintain my creativity.

Some things that I find really bring me back to creativity and help to get me being more creative are…

1) Find some music that really inspires.

2) writing. anything.It doesn’t have to be good and it doesn’t have to be meaningful, it also doesn’t matter if you are a writer, musician, painting, or crafter, writing helps!

3)getting dressed. It sounds simple but I don’t feel very creative or productive when I stay in my Pjs all day (even though it is comfortable!)

4) Go for a stroll. This is not a walk to maintain your physical-ness. This is the kind of walk where you go to a new area, or just walk with no destination in mind, really take in your surroundings. This one is hard to do for me because when I walk, I need a purpose. But when I do get out for a STROLL, it helps, yes it does!

5) Turn off the electronics. This is a hard one because you need your cellphone, who knows if some one needs you this very second! Heaven forbid you not be absolutely available for everyone else and not yourself! Take your computer, cellphone, TV remotes and what ever technology you know will distract you and lock them in a closet for an hour and when that hour is up and you have done your creative activity, writing, drawing, playing music etc. Then you can take your your techno stuff out. This is a good practice because it gets your full attention onto what you are wanting to accomplish! try it out!

6) Do a photo challenge. Go for a little walk, or around your house, yard, neighbourhood or when you go out for another task. Take pictures of stuff you wouldn’t normally. Don’t look at them or delete any until you can look at them on your computer. Then go onto a free editing website like pic monkey and have fun and see what you come up with if nothing turns out, no worries, it was a fun activity and probably you found some inspiration for something else!

What is it that helps you get your creative juices flowing? Leave a comment, let me know!