Hello Once again!

This is to those of you who are following me on twitter, or through other venues of the interwebs. I have reached 40 “likes” on Facebook!!

In celebration of this and to do a little self promotion “ahem” I am having a giveaway draw of one of my Sherpa dolls of your choice, to the winner of this draw! What you have to do to enter is head on over to Mountain Goat’s Facebook page, the button is in the side bar over there —————-> scroll down a little though. Or if you don’t care to see my cute little button, click here.

Now, I want you to be all excited because this is just a cool thing for all of us! However, I will only draw a name when I get to 100 “likes” on my Facebook fan page!

I would love for you to help me get there so click that link, head on over and hit that LIKE button!

Thanks for all of your support!

Have a marvy day!

xoxo ASH