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We are getting very close to Christmas, and I would have like to get this up sooner, however, I know there are some very last minute decorators out there, like myself! I have had the tree up for a while and some lights and things, But Christmas decor for me is always very stretched out as I keep coming up with new ideas even after Christmas!

I am just going to get straight to the goods here folks, so you can all be on your way to making some SUPER simple garlands for your own home!

roundgarlanddiy1.1 roundgarlanddiy2.2 roundgarlanddiy3.3 roundgarlanddiy4.4 roundgarlanddiy5.5There you have it folks. You can get yourself a circle punch at almost any craft store. They are very handy and worth the investment! Get yourself a 50% off coupon from Micheals and use it to buy a circle punch! You will be able to make garlands and tags and all sorts of neat-o things!

Have yourselves a fantabulously merry joyous holiday! I will post again I am sure…maybe……hopefully! I will be posting a lot on Instagram the next little while so check me out over there! Lots of fun stuff outfit posts, what I’m working on etc! my handle is ashleylange24 easy!