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Hey there everyone!

Its been awhile again, I know, I have been working away at my day job, playing in a concert band and trying to pump myself up for attaining my artsy and crafty life goals. 

This morning, I was about to start drawing on the computer when I thought “Hey, I am going to go through some old sketchbooks and see if there is an image that I like that I can transfer to the computer!” Well, I came across a lot more then I ever planned. I just spend the morning going through sketchbooks from all the way back from 2004 when I was in grade 11/12 and really couldn’t draw at all. I never thought that I was progressing as an artists, and the words I wrote along with my drawings convey a lot of depression, and lack of confidence in what I did. Over and over I wrote the same things, ” I don’t know what I am doing with my life” “I need to draw more”  “I need to get better”. Very little positivity. Sometimes, I think we can be depressed, show otherwise in front of other people and even fool ourselves…..Until we open the time capsule of sketchbooks and journals. 

My whole life through school I was teased (this is not unusual for most people I am not “victimizing” here) My coping mechanism for this was to do as other do. Dress like them, draw like them, do activities like them. It was all away to hide, blend in. Going through my sketchbooks I am learning that I am good at what I do and better even when I do what my heart and mind are telling me to do. Not what the trend is or what other people are doing. I am learning to just be me. 

Without further ado, here is a little compilation of MY sketchbook drawings, things from past years that I did because of me, not because of anyone else!