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Good day all!

Yes, I have been MIA for a while. Work got kinda crazy, I got lazy and have been doing the usual winter hibernation where I do absolutely nothing creative! Anyhow, I am back with a chia recipe for you!

I have been playing with chia seeds for a little bit now, put them in smoothies, yogurt, etc. Before you start eating chia if you have any blood pressure issues, heart issues or are pregnant I would look into it before you start eating it.

some of the benefits of chia is that it regulates blood glucose levels, lowers blood pressure and is ridiculously high in fibre so go easy on the chia when you first start eating it. I would say this recipe is not good for beginner chia eaters! If you want to start eating Chia. Start with a table spoon or so once a day and slowly increase it to as much as you want…..you may or may not be running to the bathroom.- just a warning.

As a moderate chia eater – 3-4 tbsp/ day this chia pudding recipe is a good one!


Chia Pudding

yield: 4-6 servings 

1/4 organic chia seeds

2 cups any milk (I used vanilla almond)

4 HEAPING tbsp Liberte Coconut yogurt

1 tsp vanilla extract

Put this in a large mason jar or container and shake it up realllllly good

put it in the fridge overnight shake it up in the morning and you will have some delish chia pudding!

I had a really hard time with the texture at the beginning.

This recipe above, if you follow it correctly you will end up with more of a tapioca like texture….not a big container or thick gelatinous goo.

HOWEVER, if you want it thicker, you can add more chia and just let it sit a while longer…or thinner add more yogurt or milk! EASY!

for added crunch you can add chopped nuts, granola, cacao nibs(my fav) dried fruit…get creative!

I used the yogurt because it is sweetened so it adds just a little bit of sweet to the recipe, not a lot.

Give it a shot, I hope you enjoy! I do!

xoxox ASH