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Hey Everyone!

First of all, I absolutely CAN’T believe that I am 24 weeks pregnant!

The other day, I decided to build the crib that my parents bought for us, I needed to do something constructive to get my creative juices flowing. I am super excited about getting to design the nursery! I am really not into colour themes, character themes, animal themes or anything  like that. I really want the nursery to be somewhat neutral and modern, functional but still fun! I want it to be a space that is relaxing for baby and for me and Steve.

I haven’t really thought and planned too much of the nursery until a couple days ago. I have an area rug picked out on IKEA that I really like, that I will use to draw colours from, and I know I want to do a chalkboard wall as I know it will be tons of fun for baby boy when he is older! I don’t particularly want gender specific colours. For instance, the rug I want is cream colour with blue, yellow, orange, brown and pink geometric shapes on it. The room will not be all blue, in fact, I think it will have very little blue.

I want to make my own mobile for the crib, and also do some funky art for the room. Something that is aesthetically pleasing for everyone but also fun for kids.

I still have quite a list to tackle with designing the nursery and only 3(functional) months left to go!

here’s my to do list!

1. paint chalk board wall

2. make curtains/hang curtain rod

3. Find and buy shelving for clothing/toys/books

4. Find and buy baskets for change table

5. Make mobile

6. Make, frame, hang art

not too bad of a list….doable.

I took some photos to share with you of the current state of the nursery and also some bamboo drawings I have done of options for shelving in the room.




My plan is to continue to update on progress of the nursery and eventually do a before and after comparison!!

nursery4This is the first option for the nursery to have a little cluster of shelving in the corner. I still need to do measurements and see what actually fits in this space. I’d like to get the shelving from IKEA with the bins that pull out so we can use them for clothing and stuff now, and toys later on!

nursery5The second option is to have a big shelving unit of the cube shelving that you can put the 1’x1′ baskets and bins in and have books, clothing, toys etc. The thing I like least about this option is that it blocks a lot of the chalk board wall! I also considered putting similar shelving on the opposite side of the crib.

These are just basic ideas so far. I do like both of them, and I have more space on the other side of the room for a bit more shelving. I think for the next little while I am going to be researching pinterest, etc to see what other affordable shelving options are out there!

Let me know what you all think, or if you have any ideas! I’d love to hear about them!!!