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Happy 2015!

I know….last post was when I was at 24 weeks pregnant! I totally meant to continue posting regularly, but between work and just being plain ole exhausted in general blogging was the last thing on my mind….along with being creative, definitely wasn’t a priority. I felt like the last half of the pregnancy has strictly been work, eat, sleep, prep for baby. I tried to do what I could. Our freezer is packed full of freezer meals and ready to go (homemade) food for when baby comes and the nursery is pretty much ready! However, I still need to create some more art work or something for the walls! We are planning on a home birth, however both Steve and I are very open to going with the flow, so what ever needs to happen can happen! So all the home birth supplies are ready to go the birth pool is filled with air although there seems to be a hole on the bottom that we can’t find, but it won’t affect our ability to use the pool if we choose to do so!

Since being off work, and Christmas come and gone, I have been trying to focus on being creative and enjoying my childless time while I still have it. Of course, I am so excited for the baby to come and I plan to continue to be as creative as possible once baby is here.

I “fixed” my sewing machine!!! I wanted to make curtains for the baby room and was so frustrated with my sewing machines, I wanted to throw them both out the front door! So one day, I had nothing to do and no sewing projects planned or needed so I thought ” This would be a great time to sit down, calmly, no pressure, completely clean out the sewing machines and try to figure out what was going on!” Thats what I did…long story short, through a little more frustration and getting ready to bring my machine to the shop on Monday, I decided to “google” “sewing machine skipping stitches”. This is something I should have done a LONG LONG time ago! Needles…thats it, all my machine needed was a new needle, and a universal one at that! I had no idea, that needles only last 6-8 hours. I also had no idea that there was a variety of different needles for different material! I definitely have a lot to learn about sewing! My machine works like a silent, beautiful little dream now and I am a happy camper!

Here are some photos of the (mostly) finished nursery! My mom painted the “Psychedelic Moose” I love how it makes my mobile stand out and I love all the colours with the black chalkboard wall!



nurseryfin2nurseryfin5nurseryfin7nurseryfin6nurseryfin8outfitThats the nursery so far! I love it! I didn’t want anything to “BABY” themed or childish. I wanted the room to be modern, neutral and bright and happy! We still need to figure out a little something for shelving, and order a rug, but I am not in a rush for any of those yet considering the baby really won’t be using the room for much of the beginning anyways! I would like to try to add another plant in there at some point, maybe some succulents seeing as if I forget to water them , they will survive! I love how the little bit of green from plant makes the room feel so much more fresh!

The last photo is baby’s dress up outfit for a wedding we are going to in February! Im so excited!

Here is a link if you want to check out my first nursery post!