Hey there everyone!

Life with a baby is slightly different then how I imagined! The first few weeks, getting the little munchkin to sleep during the day was SIMPLE, so I assumed it would always be that way…..not so much. The last few weeks getting Marlo to sleep for any length of time during the day has been near impossible! Although, I have been trying to use the method of no sleep aids to get him to fall asleep so we don’t have any bad habits to break down the line. Well, that idea has gone out the window! At night I nurse the little man back to sleep when ever he wakes up and during the day the carseat is our best tool, however, even in the car seat he doesn’t sleep long unless it is in constant motion. so I am busy doing what I can in between rocking the car seat! I’ve got some excitement going on around these parts, this summer, I am putting in an application to attend the Sioux Narrows Art Festival! If all goes as planned. I need to get product created and photos taken and an application finished in the next month. I want to create some new things to have at the show. This art festival is a juried one, and it gets around 2500 visitors from all over the place, which is amazing for such a small town in Northern Ontario. I am super excited so hopefully Mountain Goat will be in attendance! The Festival is the first weekend in August and I’ve got a lot to do in the meantime!

_MG_9235 _MG_9236 _MG_9237This is what I am working on at the moment and what my house looks like! Receiving blankets and felt everywhere! I am trying hard to stay in the moment and enjoy this phase of Marlo’s life, it is definitely difficult. Most of my days are spent just trying to get him to have a nap and doing what I can of eating, cleaning or something fun in those short periods.

While I have been writing this blog post, finding time to eat and craft, I was given a tip to use a vacuum sound on the white noise app. So the last two naps I have been using it. The first time he slept for an hour, woke up wanted to eat but then was falling asleep nursing. So I fed Marlo he had some tummy time a diaper change, swaddled him up and now he is back up in the nursery sleeping, I assume. This time around I added a ticking clock and a fan. He is making a bit of noise, but we will keep trying! Wish me luck!