Hello there!

Happy to see you have found Mountain Goat! I hope you have time to have a look around, maybe find something you really enjoy!!

My Name is Ashley, I live in Northern Ontario and this has been my home since I was just a wee child. I have been all across Canada and love every bit of it….especially the mountains which is where most of the inspiration has come from for Mountain Goat! (if you couldn’t tell(hahah))

I have been painting, playing music, performing, crafting, making pretend businesses for as long as I can remember. The arts are deeply engrained in me and I feel like they play such a huge part in our society and enjoyment of life and of course, culture. I cannot even imagine my world without the ability to create!

I have dabbled in every sort or craft, some were only brief affairs but a lot of the important tools have stuck around. Now I am combining all of my favourite things into a bunch of really neat things inspired by the bush and by the mountains. I am interested about exploring and seeing what kind of gems I can come up with.

I hope you find, perhaps a little bit of comfort here, a little joy, possibly a few tips or tricks or just a good, ole fashion inspiration!


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