Toronto and The CN tower


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Hey everyone! I hope your Christmas celebrations are going marvellously! Toronto is fabulous as always! I love Toronto, and I aint afraid to say it! We have been here for a few days now, although I haven’ taken a whole lot of photos, I am still working on forcing myself to do so. For Christmas dinner Steve’s Sister made a Turducken and it was great! I am sure most of you know what such a thing is but if you don’t, its a turkey stuffed with a duck stuffed with a chicken! mmhhmmm!

On Christmas Eve Steve and I went down to the distillery district but I think we didn’t quite make it to where we needed to go, Still had a great time though. Then we walked to the CN Tower!! I was never really overly excited to go up into the tower, but it is one of those things that after you have been to Toronto so many times, you kinda have to go at least once! So we went and it was fun! Pricey but worth the experience. I have a few photos from the day to show you!

CNt1 CNt2 CNt3 CNt4For Christmas Steve got me a Wacom Bamboo create tablet so as you can see I have been doing a lot of playing! It is so much fun, I have wanted one for as long as I can remember, maybe even 13-14 years old. So it will be a very well loved gift!

I have had such a good time this year in Toronto, lots of play time with our niece! We are going for Dim Sum two days in a row! AAAAAAAAA I love Dim Sum!!

Today we are off to Ikea for the morning for cheap breakfast and a stroll around, maybe we will find a little area rug for out living room!

Merry Christmas everyone and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!





Round Paper Garland D.I.Y


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We are getting very close to Christmas, and I would have like to get this up sooner, however, I know there are some very last minute decorators out there, like myself! I have had the tree up for a while and some lights and things, But Christmas decor for me is always very stretched out as I keep coming up with new ideas even after Christmas!

I am just going to get straight to the goods here folks, so you can all be on your way to making some SUPER simple garlands for your own home!

roundgarlanddiy1.1 roundgarlanddiy2.2 roundgarlanddiy3.3 roundgarlanddiy4.4 roundgarlanddiy5.5There you have it folks. You can get yourself a circle punch at almost any craft store. They are very handy and worth the investment! Get yourself a 50% off coupon from Micheals and use it to buy a circle punch! You will be able to make garlands and tags and all sorts of neat-o things!

Have yourselves a fantabulously merry joyous holiday! I will post again I am sure…maybe……hopefully! I will be posting a lot on Instagram the next little while so check me out over there! Lots of fun stuff outfit posts, what I’m working on etc! my handle is ashleylange24 easy!



Facebook Follow Frenzy!

Hello Once again!

This is to those of you who are following me on twitter, or through other venues of the interwebs. I have reached 40 “likes” on Facebook!!

In celebration of this and to do a little self promotion “ahem” I am having a giveaway draw of one of my Sherpa dolls of your choice, to the winner of this draw! What you have to do to enter is head on over to Mountain Goat’s Facebook page, the button is in the side bar over there —————-> scroll down a little though. Or if you don’t care to see my cute little button, click here.

Now, I want you to be all excited because this is just a cool thing for all of us! However, I will only draw a name when I get to 100 “likes” on my Facebook fan page!

I would love for you to help me get there so click that link, head on over and hit that LIKE button!

Thanks for all of your support!

Have a marvy day!

xoxo ASH

Handmade Christmas!


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Hey there everyone! Christmas is soon approaching are you ready? I am working away at homemade Christmas gifts, trying to make this Christmas as handmade as possible! Recently, my cousin had ordered some customized ornaments! They turned out marvellously, she and her family loved them and they are dazzling her tree as we speak!  I wanted to show you all what these little beauties looked like!






baubleblaykeLately I have been using pic monkey to edit my photos and I am loving it! It is simply to use and FREE! I have been meaning to put these ornaments up on Etsy, but I have been so busy lately I have not had a chance to do so. If you are interested in some ornaments custom or regular and if you happen to live in the Thunder Bay area msg me on Facebook the link is on my blog at the bottom. I can have them done and in the mail (free shipping) in a matter of days!

I will also be at the Neebing Christmas Market at Blake Hall on Blake Hall Rd. on December 15th from 11-3 come check out Mountain Goat and the other great vendors!

Have a great day everyone!


Being Creative

Every single person is creative. It comes in many forms. Think about how creative and imaginative you were as a child, everything was amazing and magical. Any situation could and was turned into a wonderful adventure. I remember when I was a child the things I would come up with.Then,  remember saying “I’m Bored!”. Do you ever find yourself saying those same words now in that same whiney tone ” I’mm BoooOred!” As fast as the words could leave my lips my father would retort by saying something like “Go clean your room” and he would get the reply (in the same whiney tone) “But I don’t feel like it”. As I have grown I have learned to NEVER say “I’m bored” If I am bored I am not using my human-ness, the amazing life and talents I have been granted to the absolute fullest extent! I also find that I get bored and uninterested when I am not doing such reflective activities like writing in my journal and spending time reflecting within. Not so much meditation but really being honest with myself and asking the most despised questions. You know, the ones that really make you think if you are doing the right thing, being a good human being, doing the things that nurture and heal you and make you a better person.

Why do we get that BORED feeling when there are plenty of worthy things to turn our attention to. When we get bored and watch t.v or eat, or lay in bed unnecessarily, and even just sit and stare at the wall. When we could be writing, playing music, cleaning the house, visiting friends, drawing, going for a walk, drinking tea and reflecting, singing, dancing, helping someone, creating something amazing, creating something new, or doing things to bring more joy to your life or someone else’s. Why waste your time, when you could be writing amazing blogs posts to inspire yourself and others, you go on Facebook or search things that don’t inspire you. Rather than waking up a little earlier to do a bit of writing or some yoga, you sleep in then feel like garbage, have to drink a pot of coffee to wake up while it takes you two hours, yes that is me. As I get older however, I am learning to move past these moments of “boredom” and “nothingness”  and am really figuring out how to tap into and maintain my creativity.

Some things that I find really bring me back to creativity and help to get me being more creative are…

1) Find some music that really inspires.

2) writing. anything.It doesn’t have to be good and it doesn’t have to be meaningful, it also doesn’t matter if you are a writer, musician, painting, or crafter, writing helps!

3)getting dressed. It sounds simple but I don’t feel very creative or productive when I stay in my Pjs all day (even though it is comfortable!)

4) Go for a stroll. This is not a walk to maintain your physical-ness. This is the kind of walk where you go to a new area, or just walk with no destination in mind, really take in your surroundings. This one is hard to do for me because when I walk, I need a purpose. But when I do get out for a STROLL, it helps, yes it does!

5) Turn off the electronics. This is a hard one because you need your cellphone, who knows if some one needs you this very second! Heaven forbid you not be absolutely available for everyone else and not yourself! Take your computer, cellphone, TV remotes and what ever technology you know will distract you and lock them in a closet for an hour and when that hour is up and you have done your creative activity, writing, drawing, playing music etc. Then you can take your your techno stuff out. This is a good practice because it gets your full attention onto what you are wanting to accomplish! try it out!

6) Do a photo challenge. Go for a little walk, or around your house, yard, neighbourhood or when you go out for another task. Take pictures of stuff you wouldn’t normally. Don’t look at them or delete any until you can look at them on your computer. Then go onto a free editing website like pic monkey and have fun and see what you come up with if nothing turns out, no worries, it was a fun activity and probably you found some inspiration for something else!

What is it that helps you get your creative juices flowing? Leave a comment, let me know!

Tis The Season


Well, as you can probably tell, if you are a regular reader of Mountain Goat. I have been VERY absent! I drive myself nuts with my lack of…whats the word….follow through? no. I don’t know what it is but its something that isn’t happening. I will open my computer, sit down and then get caught up in something else and never get a blog post completed. After my attendance at the Mothers Market and a week and a half of solid labour I kind of went “Phew I’m done” and that was it! This is one flaw about myself that I really need to work on. I am thinking that setting a specific time a couple times a week for straight up blogging will help me to stay on track. Now, its not that I haven’t been doing anything! No, no, no… I have still been busy, photographing product, making up some orders and getting them out quick and on time, working on some gifts to give with purchases, but blogging is always at the bottom of the priority list and I don’t want that anymore! I want it near the TOP! I enjoy blogging, it’s fun, I get to share what I am doing and it is a great way to (eventually) get some info/diy/other goodies out there to you, my readers who graciously hit that subscribe button!

I have been taking ALOT of pictures and deleting ALOT of pictures and that is basically what most of my time as been taken up by. I am however enjoying it and I know every photo I take is one photo closer to being a better photographer!

Our Christmas tree is up but I feel like it is a little early…I just use the excuse that I need to photograph ornaments to get them on Etsy! (hehehe)  I am a very big fan of Christmas trees I think they are beautiful with all the little white lights and every ornament is a little memento of your life! Tis the season!

What are somethings you would like to see posted on Mountain Goat? Things in the past that I have written about that you liked? New topics! Let me know what you would like to read and it will give me some motivation to get blogging on a regular basis!


Markets and House Guests!


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It has been a very busy last couple weeks! It all began with the last minute invite to attend a market. A week and a half of notice and the craft frenzy was on! there were finger puppets to be made and packaged and dolls to assemble and I began making a ton of ornaments! The market was a success. The morning started off pretty slow but definitely ended with a bang!  I had a lot of fun and learned A LOT! There are more markets in my future, thats for sure! 








Here’s  are a few snapshots of the market and some products. I am really trying to take A LOT of pictures right now because I am no where near where I would like to be in the photography department but I am working on it! Speaking of markets, have you gotten your Christmas ornaments yet? I will ship anywhere in Canada and US and delivery for free within the City limits of Thunder Bay! Check out my Etsy shop….there will be more listed soon or if you are local, call me! 

On the non MG related front, I have had visitors all week and it has been glorious! I love having company at the house, I love playing hostess! Also, Steve and I went on a little photo date a couple weekends ago! It was so much fun! 


There he is (SO HANDSOME!(and serious)) testing out his new gear! We were up at the park looking out onto lake superior! 


This RAD girly also has been popping in for a visit here and there. Here she was off to Southern Ontario and looking so stylish I had to get a photo! 

I have had other amazing visitors, I just haven’t had a chance to take any photos….see, I forget that I now own a nice camera…It needs to be glued to me. Rachel a dear dear friend of mine, saved me from loneliness when Steve went out of town. We had some great crafty times, I taught her the very tiniest amount of crochet skills that I know and we have great plans for future craft nights ahead! 

There will be more posts in the future, be sure of that….I s’pose I just needed that ity bity hiatus. 

Hope you are all having a marvellous weekend! 

xoxo ASH



Busy Bee


This is what my living room looks like right now! It is currently the craft room, Embroidery and hand sewing department. I am getting ready for a market this weekend, however I will have some interesting blog posts to come soon, once all the craziness is over!



What I Love Today


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Good day lovely people!

It has been pretty exciting around these parts lately. I have been working hard getting products ready for a market I will be attending next Saturday and we also had a very lovely house guest for a few days, I very good friend of mine! We had a great time, but mostly she watched me work away at finger puppets….

I am going to put up the photo challenge post tomorrow evening…. I have gone and done some photography at the beginning of this  week. However, with the crafting needed to get done and a visitor, the photography kinda got put on the back burner. So keep an eye out for that tomorrow!

Now, onto the order of the day!

What I Love Today!

Rainy days

craft stuff spread across the house

Bengal Spice tea

“The Loop” (A great clothing store in Thunder Bay)

Finishing projects

starting new projects

Handmade Christmas Ornaments (hint hint)

I hope the week has gone well for all of you folks and that some crafty time has been made to do the things you love to do!